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Our Recruitment Process - "The Headhunters Way "

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Listening is the first step toward identifying the right candidate for a specific position. Accurately assessing your specific requirements is paramount to finding the right person. This includes:

  1. Becoming familiar with your business
  2. Knowing the industry
  3. Understanding the corporate culture
  4. Appreciating the subtleties of a particular position
  5. Identifying “Missing Factors” – the key factors you require to ensure we find the perfect match

Headhunters does not wait for good CV’s to land on our desk and file them away for the “right” client. We are actively involved in seeking out candidates that are available for specific roles and positions. Our method depends heavily on our ability to network extensively within specific groups, both socially and professionally. This allows us to constantly maintain a broad and diverse candidate pool from which to identify exceptional talent, quickly and efficiently.


To find the right candidates, we employ a variety of screening techniques:

  • Initial screening to ensure that the candidate is up to Headhunters’ standards
  • A comprehensive, face-to-face interview with one of the Headhunters Consultants
  • We require a minimum of two references from each candidate, dating back 5 years


Once the appropriate candidates have been selected, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that each candidate will be a good cultural fit and can perform in the specific environment of a given position.

This step in the process transcends the usual assessment of a candidate by identifying the soft skills that will allow this person to excel in a specific environment. Can this candidate handle the pressure of a trading floor? Does he have the executive presence necessary to support a CEO? Can she acclimatise to the creative culture of an advertising agency?

This approach is The Headhunters Difference.

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This serves to confirm that (Company) makes use of Headhunters’ services for recruitment on a regular basis. We have made a number of placements with them to date, in both the ICT field and our business support positions. They quality of the candidates that we have placed and the quality of the service that we have received has been of a very high standard.

~ Happy Client