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Who is Jane Stevenson - The Role of a Director/Business Development Specialist

By Headhunters.

2016 Sees great and exciting things for Headhunters, as we continue our journey from "Good to Great".

As we place tremendous value on relationships, and building partnerships with our Clients / Candidates, we have launched an exciting internal Project, inviting Professionals from our Network to join us in creating clearer understandings of what they do in their roles.

By sharing this insight with us, of what certain roles entail, we will be able to transfer this into greater 'value add' in the delivery of great service to our Clients, by:

(i)  Understanding the 'off the spec' requirements for specific roles - getting an understanding of what happens in the day-to-day happenings of certain Professionals working lives (What do they actually do!).

(ii) Enhanced understandings of certain Clients Corporate Cultures - this plays an important part making the right match between potential Employee and Employer

We look forward to sharing these with you!