How to ace your Video Interview

By Headhunters

As a recruitment company, one of our main tasks is to have candidate interviews.We thought, why not share our consultant’s top tips on how to make sure you ace your video interview.

Since Covid hit, we have had a few strange video interviews.

So...We thought, why not share our consultant’s top tips on how to make sure you ace your video interview.

Business Link article - Meet the Boss

By R News

Founded in 2005 by award-winning recruiter, Shara Cape, Port Elizabeth-based recruitment consultancy, Headhunters, has risen to become one of the top recruitment agencies in the Eastern Cape.

In 2015, Headhunters’ boosted its capacity by bringing...

What’s in a Handshake?

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

The handshake is an ancient tradition that conveys trust, respect and agreement. It varies in tradition around the world but is believed to have evolved as a gesture of peace demonstrating that you are holding no weapons.


Who is Angelique Diedericks - The Role of a Psychometrist

By Headhunters

Currently a Consulting Psychologist at Keypoint Consulting, Angelique Diedericks, has an enormous amount of knowledge & experience in various types of well researched psychometric assessment tools used for recruitment and development purposes.

Who is Ryan Jacobs - The Role of an Engineering Manager

By Headhunters

Armed with a Mechanical Engineering Tertiary Qualification, a Government Certificate of Competency (GCC), and strong FMCG Manufacturing experience, at just 34 Ryan Jacobs is the Engineering Manager for Coca Cola Fortune.

He achieved his long term...

Who is Jane Stevenson - The Role of a Director/Business Development Specialist

By Headhunters

Jane Stevenson's role as Strategic Director for Magnetic Storm, sees her co-leading the Company’s vision to strengthen and harness its reputation and offering on a national basis. Her passion for people development, innovation and dynamic thinking...